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We also have a range of Chemicals and extenders which help you bring out the best results from our Inks. These auxiliaries help you fine tune the drying time, pH and other parameters to your specific requirements.


Auxiliaries are chemicals that you may need to add during the printing process in order to enhance ink performance.

Depending on ambient conditions and / or the absorbency of the paper you may need to either slow down or accelerate the drying of the printed ink.

Retarder : Slows down the drying rate.
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Accelerator : Speeds up the drying rate. Water-Based Flexo Inks have an alkaline pH. This pH needs to be monitored and maintained around 8.5. If the pH falls, viscosity will tend to build up.
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Buffer Solution : is added to the Ink on the Press such that the pH is maintained around 8.5
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