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Inks for Duplex Paper and Board

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These Inks are meant for printing on a wide variety of Duplex paper and board substrates to manufacture products such as Boxes, bags sachets and wrappers.


Machine Single or Multi-station Flexo Printers
Product Corrugated Boxes, Multiwall bags, Corrugated Boards, Paper Bags
Substrate Duplex Paper and Boards of various grade.
Plate Specifications Suitable for wide range of plates of varying thickness. Ink Suitable for line and Half Tone job. For solid jobs the ink requires modification.
Colour System Both Transparent as well as Opaque Inks available.
Shade Matching Pantone/ As per sample possible. Some Shades not possible. Please check with our executive.

Ink Properties

Viscosity Medium
CMYK Series Available.
Rub Resistance Standard. High Scuff inks available on demand.
Water Resistance Good
Drying Slow
RoHS Compliance Yes
Resolubility Excellent
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